Global Security Forum

Join us as we debate the world’s most pressing security challenges and critically analyse their relevance to Ireland as a small, open global economy and a state committed to the international rules based order

Agenda & Speakers

Embracing a comprehensive view of national security we’ll consider traditional defence concerns, as well as the environmental, economic and human elements of global security.

For 2020, the key themes for debate and discussion are climate change & emerging disruptive technologies and their potential threat to strategic stability and national security.

“Climate change an ‘unconscionable’ threat to peace”.

German Federal Foreign Office June 2019

The global race to develop, own, finance, dominate, and disseminate artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies will permeate the business competition of the future and further divide nations based on their ability to capture these gains in a competitive global landscape.

Federation of American Scientists September 2018

The threats from climate change “include economic damage, threats to human health, energy security, and food security. We expect no country to be immune to the effects of climate change for 20 years, but some populations will be able to cope, adapt, or respond more effectively than others.”

US State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research June 2019

“Global challenges have not only increased in recent years, they have become more complex, multidimensional and fluid”

European External Action Service 2016

Why Visit?

Our forum is an essential visit for those with a professional or academic interest in global security issues.

  • Join senior decision makers and international thought leaders as they debate the world’s pressing security challenges

Who should visit?

Government ministers, politicians, senior civil and public servants.

Representatives from Government Departments or agencies  with a role in foreign & European policy, international security & development, climate change action, or communications and technology

Academics & students of all disciplines but particularly those with an interest in political sciences, international relations, development, human rights & STEM

  • Members of the diplomatic corps and their staffs
  • Business and industry leaders
  • Members of the NGO community
  • Scientists and technologists